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Every Little Crook and Nanny by Pat Cook

October 11 - October 20

Lillie Scones is a sweet retired nanny who runs a boarding house with one resident and “a cat the size of
the Louisiana Purchase”.¬† Her two friends, Jocelyn and Carmella, help to pass the time by listening to music
and gossiping. Then Stuart, an old charge of hers, rents a room. Lillie is tickled to have him around again,
not knowing he is planning on robbing the bank on the corner. Stuart’s mind may not be totally on the bank
job, however, when he meets Betty. However, when Stuart finds out that Betty is about to graduate from an
academy on the very night they plan to rob the bank, the perfect alibi presents itself – why not go to the
graduation, be seen there, sneak out and rob the bank. Perfect, thinks Little Pat, Stuart’s wise-cracking
sidekick. Unfortunately for the two would-be crooks the graduation is at a police academy. Throw in a chief
of police, a suspicious fianc√© and a half-pint brat with an “Al Capone do-it-yourself tool kit” and nobody
knows what will happen next. In the spirit of Frank Capra, this tale of a bank heist and three retired nannies
has all the classic comedy twists and surprises fit for any audiences.


  • October 11
  • October 20


  • 6978 Lebanon Road
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
  • 615-598-8950