* Unless otherwise noted, all auditions are held at 6978 Lebanon Road in Mt. Juliet, TN *
Upcoming Auditions for Leslie Darbon’s stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel “A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED.”

Leslie Darbon’s 1977 stage adaptation of Christie’s 1950 novel is an old-fashioned, English-drawing-room drama, with plenty of anodyne but witty dialogue, delicious plot twists, and daft characters.

An advertisement appears in the personals column of a local newspaper, announcing a murder will take place at the home of one of Miss Marple’s acquaintances, Letitia Blacklock. It turns out not to be a prank, and when two murders take place, Miss Marple and a detective must work their way through a house full of suspects.

There are roles for seven women and five men; most require a British dialect.

Character Breakdown:

Letitia Blacklock – genteel and unflappable, no-nonsense elegant lady of the manor, mid-40s and up

Julia Simmons – Letitia’s spoiled and foolish cousin, mid-to-late 20s

Patrick Simmons – Letitia’s spoiled and foolish cousin, Julia’s brother, mid-to-late 20s

Dora Bunner (Bunny) – Letitia’s dotty and fluttery childhood best friend, mid-40s and up

Philippa – mysterious and widowed paying houseguest of the manor; a creature of circumstance, 20s

Mitzi – Letitia’s fiery, ill-tempered and volatile cook, a refugee from Eastern Europe, paranoid; 40s and up

Mrs. Swettenham – nosy neighbor who dotes on her son, mid-40s and up
Edmund Swettenham – cynical young writer, mid-20s

Inspector Craddock – honest, trusted, but frustrated police detective, 40s and up
Sergeant Mellors – police officer, 30s and up
Rudi Scherz – sinister local hotel employee, 30s and up

Miss Marple – village busybody, mischievous and cunning amateur detective, 70s (or at least someone who can convincingly play 70s)

All roles are open; many roles require a British dialect. Please bring a headshot and resume, though not required. Actors will do cold readings from the script although memorized monologues are also welcome.

May 21 and 22: 6:30pm both evenings.
Performances: July 14 – 23, 2017