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A 501(c)3 non-profit community theatre serving Wilson County and surrounding areas

Unless otherwise noted, all auditions are held at
Encore Theatre Company, Inc.
 6978 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet




The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By Mark Twain    Adapted for the stage by Charles George

Directed by Marc Sloan           Produced by Russette Sloan & Kathleen Jaffe

Sunday, May 3rd , 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Monday, May 4th , 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Potential call backs – Tuesday, May 5th at 6:30pm

Weekends June 19th - July 11th, excluding 4th of July weekend

This will be an all youth cast.  This show will also present an opportunity for young folks to get
experience working as a crew member behind the scenes.  
Even if you don't want to audition, come out and see how you can help!

 Come out to audition to be a part of the Mark Twain classic that represents pre-civil war America at its finest in the home of Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas. The gang’s all here

      Please bring list of conflicts for rehearsals. Rehearsals will be held four (4) nights a week for leads. Conflicts can determine casting!

      Resume and headshot welcome, but not required. If no head shot is provided, please be prepared to have your picture made for casting purposes.

      Cast of Characters

      Huckleberry Finn:  An all-American boy, age 12+.  Full of energy and youthfulness.  Large line load.  Must be able to
       provide some comedic timing

              Huckleberry Finn: An all American boy, age 12+. Full of energy and youthfulness. Large line load. Must be able to provide some comedic timing.
      Tom Sawyer:  Huck's best friend, age 12+.  He is the mastermind of the mischief and full of energy.  Large line load.  Must be able to provide some comedic timing.

      Jim:  An African American slave boy who runs around with Tom and Huck.  Age 12+

      The Sheriff:  The town law enforcement who makes a brief cameo.  Age 9+

      Silas Phelps:  Tom's uncle.  Runs the home.  A planter.  Must have a kind disposition.  Age 12+

      Sally Phelps:  Tom's aunt.  Also runs the home.  Must have a stern disposition with a hidden soft spot.  Age 12+

      Ella Mae Phelps:  Sally and Silas's daughter.  The young female lead.  Medium line load, must have a sweet disposition.  Age 10+

      Aunt Polly:  Tom's aunt and caretaker.  Makes a brief cameo.  Age 10+

      Mammy:  The Phelps' African American house maid.  Medium line load.  Age 12+

      Gee Gee:  Mammy's daughter.  Very southern.  Age 10+

      Mrs. Damrell and Mrs. Hotchkiss:  Neighbors of the Phelps' and town busybodies.  Minor roles.  Age 9+

Note: The setting of the show is the “deep south” in the late 1800s. All actors must be equipped to perform with a historically accurate dialect and tone, as called for by the script.                

Director’s Note: Everyone is encouraged to audition for this show, new or old friends of Encore alike. These character descriptions are basic guidelines and are not meant to discourage anyone from auditioning. The following roles must, however, be played by African American actors: Jim, Mammy, and Gee Gee.

Please contact director Marc Sloan at msloan1997@yahoo.com with any questions.




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