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Performing at 6978 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet TN  37122

A 501(c)3 non-profit community theatre serving Wilson County and surrounding areas

Unless otherwise noted, all auditions are held at
 6978 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet


October 19 and 20, 2014
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Coal Camp Madonna

 by Daniel S. Kehde
Directed by James Bealor
Produced by Russette Sloan & Misty Embry

 Character Descriptions

 Fergus:  Youngish, Mid-thirties, ambitious but not unkind. The proprietor of the store.

 Arly:  An older man, mid-sixties, graying.  He walks with a distinct limp. He is a man to whom a laugh comes easily, a man whose age and past has given him a sharp sense of irony and a great appreciation of the human condition.  

Annie: Fergus' wife.

 Annette:  Their 12-year-old niece - happy, bubbling and spoiled.

 Francine:  A woman, about 25 years old.

Gabrielle:  Her daughter, about 9 years old.

Violet:  A woman in her 50's.

Butch: The sheriff.

Doc:  The town doctor.

Townspeople and Miners


It's winter in a poor coal mining town in the early 1900s.  When a foundling baby girl appears on the doorsteps of the company store, Annie, the possessive wife of the proprietor, Fergus, takes a shine to her.  But Arly, who works at the store and makes Christmas presents for all the kids in town, learns that the real mother is Francine, the wife of a miner.  Francine loves the baby, but is too poor to raise her and her older daughter, Gabrielle.  A cave-in at the mine sows tragedy among the miners and thier families and complicates matters further.  Francine, who loses her husband in the disaster, has to leave town, but she desperately wants to hold her baby once more.  On Christmas Eve, Arly engineers a pageant at the store with Annie as the Angel and Francine as Mary holding her baby in the manger, fulfilling her Christmas wish.  When Francine hands the baby back, Annie, who has recognized her as the birthmother, invites her to come and visit the child at any time.  This profound, beautiful story goes to the hear of what Christmas is all about - generosity of spirit and redemption through love. 

   Performance dates are weekends
 December 5 - December 20, 2014


Harvey by Mary Chase
Directed by Misty Embry

December 7 and 8, 2014

Show Dates - January 16 - January 31, 2015

Details Here Soon!

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